Vision & Mission

Achieving justice, without morality, ethics, and integrity is a meaningless struggle.
It becomes very difficult to step on the path of the truth which is full of obstacles

Those who have nothing, are the main targets. Being hopeless, justice is almost never on their side.

In welcoming the globalization era, we see that many Indonesian lawyers are incapable to cope up with international business or international law.

Foreign lawyers continue to dominate. Where do we have to start?

By improving professional qualities, we can certainly stand equal to international lawyers.

Our office never ceases to contribute to the development of legal education so that every lawyer possesses the capability to face legal challenges in the present era.

We follow the current legal development by enriching ourselves with necessary legal literature.

We believe that the urgent need of the justice seekers can only be fulfilled by performing up to date works.

That is our vision and mission in striving for, enforcing, and achieving justice.

Prof. Dr. O.C. Kaligis

Prof. Dr. O.C. Kaligis