Practice Area

Having a strong background both
in Iitigation and corporate matters, the Firm realizes its assets and continue to expand its services in many specialized area
of legal practice.


We provide services in many corporate matters, which includes Important sectors of businesses. In this area of practice, the Firm extends its service from simple to complex projects, such as drafting agreements, estabIishing companies, obtaining icenses and permits, restructurization of a company and assist the clients in transnational transaction. We’ve represented both local and international companies.


The protection of intellectual Property rights is compulsory to stimuIate business growth in Indonesia. Therefore, the Firm provides not only legal services for the appIication of copyrights, brand names, and patent registration, but also services for Iitigation in protecting the IP holder from illegal counterfeits of their IP rights. We have extensive reputation in this area of practice.


Since its establishment, the Firm has its strongest practice area In litigation The Firm extends Its service for handling Non-Performing Loans, tort cases, other types of default, as well as criminal cases. We have defended most of Our clients through this practice area. In defending Individual clients, We have handled the case of regular clients such as Prita Mulyasari to celebrities Iike Titiek Puspa. Our corporate cilents include corporations that are among the biggest corporations worldwide.


We understand Our clients need for a quick and efficient settlement of their cases. Bearing this in mind and along with our strong position as a prominent commerciaI Iitigation Firm, We provide clients With options of settling disputes through alternative dispute resolutions both in national and international level. Our qualified lawyers are experienced and Iicensed to practice arbitration and mediation in national and international level.


The Firm’s attorneys specialized in banking mostly are lawyers trained both in Iitigation civil and criminal. With this background, Our lawyers understand the expectations from both sides of the transactions and have their legal sense working parallel with their commercial understandings Our Firm represents a wide range of financial institutions and financial services providers, with a particular emphasis on banks and other commercial finance lenders. From simple legal drafting of loan agreement to arranging syndicated loans, Our Firm is the best in the business.


Antitrust and competition law in lndonesia are still in its developing Process. Nevertheless, the team of lawyers in the Firm, built around highly qualified individuals, have first hand experiences in handling antitrust and competition practice. The Firm provided services even for the most sophisticated antitrust cases. Our record of success in this area speaks for itself.


We handle a wide range of complex matters for Clients whose business activities are specializing in trade and investment. For these type of Clients, our Firm extends its services in the context of corporate due diligence, coordination with the Government, conduct investigations, and provides necessary legal opinions to enable our Clients to establish a good and prudent business in lndonesia.


Since we are practicing in a country with abundant oil, gas and mining resources, we have been advising client in this practice area on a broad range of services. In the context of oil, gas and mining areas, our services encompasses documents preparation until the full establishment of the oil, gas or mining company. We also draft necessary legal opinions and complex documents for oil, gas and mining projects.


In lndonesia, forestry and plantation matters has been a complex and dynamic law aspect as the rules and regulations keeps on being changed and modified as to ensure public interest, as well as protection of individual rights. Our attorneys, supported by comprehensive legal Library and resources, are able to provide clients with innovative and effective legal services in the forestry and plantation matters.