Johny Politon, SH

Johny has been working an the Firm since 1986. He is a Bachelor of Law from the University of Krisnadvvipayana, Jakarta, and he is very experienced in both Iitigation and non-|itigation
cases. His expertise is in criminal law, civil law, labor law, administrative law, and arbitration.

The clients that he has handled include: Clara Emiliazzie (the case of Yayasan Perguruan Wahidin in Bagansiapiapi); John Hamenda (case on Letter of Credit of BNI); Bank Modern (case of BLBI); PT. Sulenco Boulevard Indah (civil case on the funding of a commercial center and criminal case on embezzlement of certificates); Blue Banter (case on the ownership of reclamation area against the Local Government of Manado); Drs. Fabianus Kamkopimu (case on Regional Election in the Regency of Mappi, Merauke, Papua); Sistem Vibro lndonesia against Badan Operasi Bersama Siak Pusako- Pertamina Hulu (case before the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration); Noldi Muntu
(murder case of Cliff Muntu, a student of the STPDN Bandung against the Ministry for Internal Affairs of Indonesia); and Ali Mazi (criminal defense on behalf of the Governor of South East Sulawesi in relation to the issuance of Hilton Hotel certificate).

Languages: Indonesian, English.